The Warrior Knife was designed for demanding outdoor, fishing and hunting purposes. The core principle of the design process was to ensure optimal functionality in extreme conditions and demanding use.  The criteria were determined based on the requirements set by the military on the features of multi-purpose combat gear. A knife of this type must provide a firm and
ergonomic grip, versatility and durability.

The Warrior Knife is made to withstand heavy-duty use: carving, cutting, shearing, twisting and skinning. The handle is ergonomically shaped to ensure a firm and comfortable hold. The knife is available in two sizes: M and L.  The production method also enables the fabrication of a customised, individually shaped handle. It feels warm to the touch in cold weather and provides excellent grip regardless of humid conditions, snow, blood, fish slime or underwater use. The replaceable blades, attachment features and titanium handle ensure that the Warrior Knife is the tool you need to handle the most demanding situations.

When compromise is not an option, choose the Warrior Knife.

The Warrior Knife – ultimate features without compromise