Product developer interview

‘Since childhood, I’ve been interested in finding functional solutions to a variety of problems. Instead of simply solving the problem, it has always been important to me to take all factors into account and make the solution as all-inclusive and airtight as possible,’ says Antti Korpi, developer of the Warrior Knife. 

Thanks to his parents’ industrial company, Antti had access to all kinds of tools for building things and working with a variety of materials. This provided an excellent foundation for trying things out and developing his own inventions.

‘Doing things with my hands has always been my passion, and I love spending time in nature.  When I was younger, I used to build bird houses and take them to the nearby woods for birds to nest in. I ended up with a lot of bird houses and needed something to transport them with,’ Antti recounts. This led to him designing and building a trailer for his moped so that he could haul a larger number of bird houses at a time. However, simply putting the trailer together was not enough. ‘I contacted the Finnish Transport Safety Agency on my own to find out what licences I’d need to use the trailer legally on the road,’ Antti says with a chuckle. ‘It may not have been the most elegant or stylish trailer around, but it was roadworthy and, most important of all, licensed!’

According to Antti, he has always been inclined towards a strategic and forward-thinking approach as well as solving functional and technical problems. Thanks to his acute three-dimensional awareness and good hand-eye coordination, he ended up as a flight instructor and professional air force soldier. In his work, he has been well-positioned to learn about demanding military gear, including knives. ‘Military tools and equipment are typically required to be first-rate in terms of their features and durability. By combining my professional experience with my passion for manual skills and product development, I developed the Warrior Knife for demanding users,’ Antti says.  ‘The product caters to everyone from professional soldiers to outdoor enthusiasts with regard to functionality in extreme conditions, as well as various needs related to recreational hunting and fishing. I wanted to develop a knife to satisfy users who refuse to settle for a compromise,’ says in summary.