The Warrior Knife was developed for users who are not used to settling for a compromise. The requirements for the product were set based on the criteria for durable and versatile military gear that never fails its users.

Reliable military gear must perform flawlessly in a variety of conditions: under water as well as in extreme heat and cold. Reliability also means durability and functionality in a variety of situations where the knife is used for tasks other than simple cutting or carving. Challenging needs may include using the knife for digging, prying or climbing to complete the task at hand.

Ensuring optimal functionality requires three things: a firm and ergonomic grip, premium quality blades, and excellent attachment and protection features

In order to guarantee a firm grip, the knife handle must conform to the user’s hand in the best way possible. This is precisely why the shaping of the handle was the first focus in the development of the Warrior Knife. The end result of the intensive product development process is a sturdy and light titanium handle, which can be personalised to suit the unique grip of each user. The material, structure and shape of the handle ensure an exceptionally firm hold of the knife in all situations. Thanks to the custom manufacturing option, the knife can also be made to suit left-handed users perfectly.

The blades are the best in the world. The astoundingly sharp diamond-coated blades can withstand heavy-duty use and are very long-lasting. Various blades are available for attachment to the handle to serve different needs. The sheath, too, consists of two parts. Thanks to this smart solution, you can store multiple blades at home and ensure their proper protection. When swapping in a new blade, you simply attach the sheath tip to the base section of the sheath.

Superior functionality also requires top-of-the-line attachment and protection features. Active users often take the knife with them when navigating difficult terrain, having to climb and crawl where necessary and being subjected to extreme weather. Users must be absolutely sure that the knife will stay firmly in the sheath, and they must be able to easily and firmly attach it to clothing or gear in an accessible position.

The Warrior Knife has been designed to meet these needs. It is for tough and unrelenting individuals who want to be prepared for any challenge and unexpected situation.  When choosing the Warrior Knife, you are purchasing a product in which every detail has been considered from the user’s perspective.


The Warrior Knife – Ultimate features without compromise